About me

Hi fellas,

my name is Anja and I’m originally from Munich, Germany. I love traveling since I was a little kid, and I have to thank my parents for that. Every time I’m at an airport, starting a new adventure (or just going on a business trip) my body is filled with excitement. I love flying, even though I used to get sick on planes; but this couldn’t stop me from going places.

My first big overseas trip was to Florida, USA where I celebrated my second birthday in the beautiful city of Miami. I don’t know if that is the reason, but I consider Miami my most favorite city to visit and spent quality time in. I had the privilege to spent a lot of summer vacations in an RV exploring the West Coast and breathtaking Nationalparks in the US and Canada.


Since the US have always been a part of me, I decided to take a gap year after school and to be an Au Pair. My first host family lived in Boston, which gave me the opportunity to visit cool places in New England and spent a lot of weekends in New York City. My second host family lived close to Washington DC which was awesome, since I’ve never been to DC before. After going back home and studying Sports management, I had the chance to spend a semester abroad and I choose to go to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas to complete my graduate degree. Since Texas was always a dream of mine, it was one of the best decisions to attend A&M. I was not only able to travel within and around Texas, but also to be part of the unique Aggie spirit by being a member of the Aggie Polo Club (Gig’em Aggies).


As you might have noticed, North America is my happy place, but it’s not my only travel destination. I love to do weekend trips to different cities in Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Milan, Berlin, Cologne, etc.).

The best part about a trip or a vacation for me is the planning process. We always plan all of our trips ourselves, including the routes, the places to visit and the hotel bookings. Planning the trips makes me happy and gets me even more excited about what’s to come. We always try to find the best combination between doing the traditional touristic stuff and finding hidden champions. Since a lot of friends and family members ask me/us about tips and tricks on certain destinations, I decided to start this blog and hopefully help others find the best places to go and the coolest places to see. This blog is about my personal experiences and vacations.

If you want to learn more about me you can check out the Random Facts.

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